Auction Results

Saturday Auction Results On 3 Aug 2019 in Brisbane, QLD

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Address Sold Price Result* Type

Zillmere QLD 4034

29 Bebbington Street $370,000 Private House 3
2/29 Pretoria Street $280,000 Private Unit 2

Zilzie QLD 4710

52 Reef Street $350,000 Private Residential Land 0
Some properties are not in the list because of insufficient data
*Result Key:
S - property sold;
SP - property sold prior;
SA - sold after auction;
SB - sold before auction;
SN - sold not disclosed;
SS - sold after auction price not disclosed.
PN - sold prior not disclosed;
Private - private sale
PI - property passed in;
NB - no bid;
VB - vendor bid;
W - withdrawn prior to auction;
N/A - price or highest bid not available.